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  1. Plantation Stiggins' Fancy Pineapple Rum. ABV: 40% (80 proof) Price: $30 This is one of those rums you're considerably more likely to encounter as part of a cocktail than on its own, and as a.
  2. Rum Review: Plantation Original Dark. Plantation Rum has quite the portfolio of rum ranging from a basic white to blended rums that sip more like a cognac. We have featured several of the regional rums, most recently comparing Plantation Barbados to Trinidad. Each of these regional rums has unique characteristics influenced by the weather and soil. This month we found Plantation Original Dark.
  3. Plantation 5 is a good example of the Barbados rum style; their rums are well blended and balanced. The 5 year is aged in ex-Bourbon (aka American oak) casks for 3-4 years, and finished in ex-Cognac (aka French oak) for the final 1-2 years. The rum spends the last 2 years in France
  4. Plantation Original Dark is all about the true and rich rum taste that works so well in cocktails, says Alexandre Gabriel. This is a rum made like rum used to be made, when it was full of flavors. We handpick each barrel, one by one and we blend the rums according to the ancestral elevage technique that we use at Cognac Ferrand
  5. Plantation XO 20th Anniversary rum - rated #708 of 8970 rums: see 1447 reviews, photos, other Plantation rums, and similar Aged rums from Franc
  6. Plantation 3 Stars is a white rum from the French based bottling giant Plantation . The name is coined from the 3 stars of the Caribbean from which the rum is obtained. Namely Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad. As with most of the Plantation rums there is no age statement. White rum hasn't featured a great deal on the site so far

The Plantation Five Year Old Barbados Rum is, as its name strongly suggests, a five year old blended rum from Barbados. It's hard to miss this on the shelf as the squat bottle covered in a loose lattice of straw or raffia has fairly awesome, if not a little yo-ho-ho stereotypical, look Plantation Barbados 5-Year rum is distilled from molasses and aged 5 years in bourbon casks before being transported to France for further 'finishing' in Cognac casks. Plantation rum is owned by the French company Cognac Ferrand, which was founded in 1989 and produces wine, gin, and other spirits to sell in over 40 countries THE RUM HERITAGE. Terroirs The production The Rum COCKTAILS Recently ⌄ US. FR Plantation rum reviews — PRESS — Featured. Imbibe → Download the PDF. Elle → Download the PDF. Ze Pros. Bristol Classic Rum Reserve Rum of Grenada Distilled in 2003. Bristol Classic Rum Rockley Still 1986 (Sherry Finish) Bristol Reserve Rum of Jamaica - 8 Year Old Worthy Park. Bristol Rum Festival 7th July 2018. British Rum - The Rise of the Craft and Micro-Distiller. Brugal Anejo Superior Rum Review: Plantation Barbados (Grande Reserve) 5 Year Old Rum 87/100 a review by Chip Dykstra (Aka Arctic Wolf) Posted on July 28, 2011 (Revised on August 28, 2016) Cognac Ferrand is a Cognac producer situated in the Grand Champagne Cognac Region of France. For years this company has had a special relationship with a variet

Allegedly, there are 8 to 15-year-old rum in this blend. I doubt this is truly 40% abv as the added sugar will lower the abv of this. This rum(?) liqueur(?) costs £53.75 in the Whisky Exchange, which is the same as Amazon, or £53.95 from Master of Malt. Plantation XO 20th Anniversary - review. Color: caramel Plantation OFTD Overproof Rum. At the 2016 Tales of the Cocktail, the Plantation Rum company unveiled Plantation O.F.T.D. (PC translation: Old Fashioned Traditional Dark) Overproof . For this project Alexandre Gabriel, Master Blender for Plantation Rum, brought together six of the rum industry's most influential authors and mixologist Review: Plantation Rum Lineup (2015) - 3 Stars White, Original Dark, Barbados 5 Years Old, Extra Old 20th Anniversary, Old Reserve 2001, and Pineapple; Plantation O.F.T.D. Rum $32. 9. Rating 9.0/10. BUY IT NOW. Christopher Null. Christopher Null is the founder and editor in chief of Drinkhacker Plantation Rum Review: Plantation is known for their diverse range of rums, however, in the last few years their Signature range has taken off and grown in popularity. The Plantation Signature range is comprised of 5 year old and 12 year old aged rums, blended from the most successful distillations from a farm in Barbados Notes: This rum is part of the Plantation lines of rum (Original Dark Overproof 73%, 2oth Anniversary, Trinidad 200 Vintage, Barbados 2000 Vintage, Plantation Grande Reserve Barbados 5 Year Old, Jamaica 2000 Vintage, Guadeloupe 1998 Vintage, Guyana 1999 Vintage, Panama 2000 Vintage, the Old Reserve 1998 Guadeloupe, and this the Plantation 3 Stars White Rum , among others by the cognac house of.

Plantation Grande Reserve är en rom som vi inte dricker så ofta nu för tiden. Men varje gång vi provar den igen så blir vi överraskade över hur god rom man får för pengarna. Vårt höga betyg avspeglar inte bara att vi tycker att det är en bra rom - utan betyget höjs upp ytterligare för att Plantation Grande Reserve är har varit en bra start- och referensrom för oss genom åren Plantation 5-Year Barbados Being a rum enthusiast, I'm oft asked the following question: If I buy just one rum for my bar, which one should it be? Plantation Barbados 5-Year, I reply. If you've been following me on Twitter (@inuakena) you may have noticed that I often gush about Ferrand products. I suppose after

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Plantation Rum Peru 2004 - Right from the removal of the cork, the aromas rush from the bottle with lots of banana cream, citrus and unsurprisingly a bit of charred oak.Sitting in the glass for a bit brings out more of the fruit-forward notes and some subtle vanilla. Lots of kick with some guava and mango for a sweet finish. 87 proof Review: Plantation Barbados XO Single Cask Rum. One of three Plantation limited production (single cask) rums I've purchased in the last few months. I reviewed the PERU here, and now it's the Barbados' turn. At 48% ABV this is a nicely balanced rum, and the least expensive of these new offerings at $50/750ml bottle Taste-wise the sharpness continues alongside with a very alcoholic flavour. At 40% this is one of the most alcohol-forward tasting rums I've reviewed. There really isn't much to this, the same vodka-mixed-with-some-rum notes come back. It's a very one-dimensional rum and not a delight to drink whatsoever Review: Plantation Single Cask Guyana 2008 Rum. So here is another, so far the last I have, of the special series of Plantation single cask (cask and bottle numbers on the label) rums. This one, labeled Guyana 2008, is on the expensive side at $85/750ml bottle. The other two, the Barbados XO ($50), and Peru 2004 ($85), I have also also. Rum Review: Plantation Rum Jamaica 8 Year Old (Jamaica) Details Published: Tuesday, 03 June 2008 11:03 Written by Tatu Kaarlas. I've always been intrigued by the Plantation rum range. It is the multitude and the different styles the rums offer, each of the rums capturing the typical style for the island it is made on

Allow Jones and Mann to be your Spirits Guides as we journey to good times and great friends. We enjoy tasting and telling you where it falls on a scale. Review: Stiggins' Fancy Plantation Pineapple Rum (86/100) Review by Chip Dykstra Posted September 24, 2016. Pineapple Rum was quite a popular delicacy in the 19th century. In fact, in Charles Dickens first serial novel The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club (published in 19 monthly magazine instalments, from March 1836 to October 1837), Pineapple Rum is the preferred tipple of the. Club wyndham plantation resort reviews. Situated by the ocean, this resort is 0.5 mi (0.9 km) from magnolia lake and 2.8 mi (4.5 km) from myrtle beach state park. See 803 traveller reviews, 441 candid photos, and great deals for club wyndham seawatch plantation, ranked #27 of 195 hotels in myrtle beach and rated 4 of 5 at tripadvisor

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  1. Plantation 3 Stars Rum. We've been longtime fans of the spirits released by Plantation Rum. The line comes from the same company that produces Pierre Ferrand Cognac and is blended by the same folks who work on the cognac. For their Plantation Rum line, Cognac Ferrand buys amazing rum from a variety of rum producing islands and then blends and ages the rum in cognac barrels in France
  2. Plantation Extra Old / 20th Anniversary Barbados Rum. With a few weeks of no reviews, it's time to start the year off right with a review of another great rum from Barbados: Plantation Extra Old, also known as Plantation 20 th Anniversary. As with any bottle bearing a number, people often mistake this rum for a 20 year-old rum (including major retailers) but it actually marks the 20 th.
  3. Plantation 3 Stars Artisanal rum - rated #2171 of 8970 rums: see 293 reviews, photos, other Plantation rums, and similar Light rums from Franc
  4. Overproof rums come in between 114 and 151 proof. They're so boozy, they're quick to catch fire. And yet, this 138-proof rum from Plantation is absolutely delicious
  5. Review: Plantation Rum Lineup (2015) - 3 Stars White, Original Dark, Barbados 5 Years Old, Extra Old 20th Anniversary, Old Reserve 2001, and Pineapple Christopher Null November 18, 2015 Plantation Rum is actually part of the French company Cognac Ferrand, and it produces over a dozen rums that are sourced from plantations all over the Caribbean and beyond
  6. Plantation XO Reserve 20th Anniversary is a blend of this rum maker's oldest reserves. The rum is initially aged in Barbados using ex-bourbon casks for 12 to 20 years, then transported to France for another 12 to 18 months in small French oak casks

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Plantation Rum Xo Extra Old 20th Anniversary, 750 Ml at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users Best Rums of 2021. Best Overall Rum: Plantation Barbados 5 Year. Best Splurge Rum: Foursquare Rum 2008 Single Blended 12 Year. Best Budget Rum: Cruzan Light Aged Rum. Best Gateway Rum: Diplomático Mantuano. Best Overproof Rum: Lemon Hart 151. Best White Rum: Flor De Caña 4 Year Extra Seco. Best Spiced Rum: Chairman's Reserve Spiced Unlike the White Jack rum which is definitely a Rumaniacs entry due to its reformulation, the Westerhall Plantation Rum remains recognizably the same as when it was first released in 1989, and there seems to be no movement afoot to change the title either (even after the brouhaha over Maison Ferrand's rum brand name in 2019 and 2020) Here are 10 of the best rum brands to drink this summer, whether you are looking for something with zero additives or if you prefer something sweeter—from Puerto Rico, Barbados, and beyond Read our expert review and pick up a bottle of the best rum, from dark and spicy versions to versatile spirits that could be used for sipping or in cocktails. Rum is less a drink and more a way of life, and its association with pirates, buccaneers and seafarers is no fable. A spirit made from a.

Nyanserad, kryddig smak med tydlig fatkaraktär, inslag av torkade aprikoser, kanel, sultanrussin, marsipan, arrak, vanilj och apelsin Plantation Original Dark - A blend of rums from Barbados and Jamaica. The rum has a dark colour thanks to it being a blend of rums aged between 5 and 8 years in some of the most famous Caribbean rum barrels. Plantation Original Dark Rum Review: Plantation 3 Stars - A small batch, triple distilled Jamaican rum Plantation XO Barbados 20th Anniversary Reviews. Underwhelmed. Nice rum but nothing special considering the price. Are you paying for a fancy bottle? El Dorado 15 and Doorly's 12 are two examples in this price range which offer so much more. Also from Plantation Rum Distiller Review #73: Plantation Single Cask Peru 2010: Pineau des Charentes Finish 2019-12-18 2020-11-10 Michael L 0 Comments peru , plantation , rum This review is from a set of reviews we did, blind tasting a line of single cask Plantation rums at Smugglers Cove

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  1. Plantation extra old barbados rum 20th anniversary review. The awards it has garnered since 2007 state boldly that many others think so too. Stirred by the Rum Howlers listing of the Plantation Barbados XO in his intriguing top 30 rum. This lovely product will always be one of the top sipping rums of my 2012 experience
  2. Plantation Rum Barbados Grande Reserve is deep mahogany in the bottle with gold higlights visible especially near the bottom. In the glass it is the same except you can better see the excellent clarity but there are some tiny particles floating in the rum, possibly from the cork. The legs are not runny but they are not crawling either
  3. So when Plantation Isle of Fiji presented itself at the store, naturally we needed to review. Alexandre Gabriel is the entrepreneur behind Plantation Rum . While still in business school, Gabriel discovered that sales of Maison Ferrand, one of the oldest spirit brands in the Cognac region, were stagnant
  4. Plantation 3 Stars Artisanal Rum Review. Whether you're shaking up Daiquiris or mixing a refreshing Mojito, look no further than Plantation 3 Stars. Made using a blend of aged and unaged rums.
  5. This Plantation 3 Stars Rum is manufactured by Plantation Rum, a French-owned brand created by the company Maison Ferrand.Though Maison Ferrand started out specializing in Cognac, owner Alexander Gabriel soon branched out into the production of Rum after exploring various islands in the Caribbean. Today, Plantation Rum partners with distilleries in Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, and.
  6. Plantation has gone and done it again with this tasty vintage rum, distilled in Trinidad in 2008. Like most Plantation bottlings, this rum was aged in both tropical and continental conditions. First, this one was aged in Trinidad in bourbon casks, before it was transferred to France to be aged in Ferrand Cognac casks
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Plantation Jamaica Old Reserve 2000 You say Plantation rum and I say Yum! I have yet to taste one of their products that didn't knock my socks off, so when I saw a bottle of their Jamaican bottling at a local store I snatched it up. Could this become a formidable replacement for the fame Plantation 20th Anniversary Barbados Extra Old Rum - Review. This lovely product will always be one of the top sipping rums of my 2012 experience. The awards it has garnered since 2007 state boldly that many others think so too. Stirred by the Rum Howler's listing of the Plantation Barbados XO in his intriguing top 30 rum list, and having. Plantation 3 Star Rum Review. Christopher null september 26, 2012.Come taste or buy plantation 3 star rum 700ml online and get direct delivery to your door all over new zealand.Dark rum daiquiri (by way of jeffrey morgenthaler and simon difford) 2 1/2 oz aged rum;Facts reviews how we pack This tawny rum offers a mellow brown sugar aroma. Plantation 5 Years Old Rum. You now have FREE access to nearly 300,000 wine, beer and spirit reviews. Cheers Plantation Isle of Fiji Rum is made from local Fijian sugar cane molasses and pure Fiji water at Rum Co. of Fiji Distillery. This distillery has been crafting rum since 1980. Two of the rum brands they produce are Rutu and Bati. Plantation Isle of Fiji is fermented for 4 to 5 days and pot [

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  1. Plantation Stiggin's Fancy Dark Pineapple Rum (40% ABV, $34.99) - dark brown in color, this rum is effusive with its aroma. Fresh pineapple leaps out of the glass, even when it's far away from your nose. What's nice about the nose, although the pineapple is expressive and highly aromatic, is that it doesn't obliterate the actual rum aromas that you'd expect to find
  2. Plantation Pineapple Rum. Why? Because it's that freaking good. The pineapple daiquiri is the perfect blend of unique, easy to make, and delicious. Even if you don't traditionally like rum, 99.9% of people like this. I went into more of the details of the rum itself in that other post, so for this one, let's just jump in
  3. Pineapple rum used to be a thing. Then it waned in popularity. Now it's back thanks to Plantation and author David Wondrich, who are doing the lord's work. 96 Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NON
  4. En av de absolut mest prisvärda mörka/lagrade romsorterna som finns på Systembolaget är Rum Plantation Grande Reserve Barbados. Den första flaskan köpte jag för flera år sedan helt på måfå och sedan dess står det nästan alltid en flaska i skåpet. 269 kr för en flaska på 70 cl. Den finns i Systembolages normala sortiment och har.
  5. In 2020 they presented Isle of Fiji Rum as a part of their signature blend range, providing a new flavor experience for fans of Plantation products to embrace and experiment with. The rum is created by the Fiji Rum company using locally produced molasses. The molasses goes through a four or five day fermentation before it is distilled in pot.
  6. Plantation Rum. The Plantation rum collection is a rare, unique Caribbean treasure. Now with six different rums offered, Plantation provides a wonderful introduction to the traditions of the Caribbean, where each rum uniquely expressing the full potential of its area of origin. Made according to traditional techniques, these rums have escaped.
  7. Plantation Xaymaca Special Dry Rum Review. By Eric Twardzik Drinks, Liquor Reviews, Rum, Spirits Feb 26, 2019 Feb 26, 2019. T here's a good chance you've heard the word hogo. The term, derived from the French words haut gout or high taste, refers to the famous funk traditionally associated with pot-stilled.

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Plantation Barbados XO 20th Anniversary Review. Sadly the majority of consumers and media fail to realise this, and a lot of mediocre rums are marketed with 24k Gold Medal from Ordinary Joe's Rum Competition or Triple Platinum/Best of Class from last year's Less-Than-Relevant Rum Expo Today we review Plantation Rum, the 1996 Trinidad rum, the 3 Star, 5 Year, and Original Dark. All three get a tasting in this plantation review. This is the rum of choice that we discovered for the first time at Tales of the Cocktail 2014. Now, just before we leave for the 2015 event, we've got a wide array of samples to use on the show. Plantation Isle of Fiji Rum Review. By Eric Twardzik Drinks, Liquor Reviews, Rum, Spirits Nov 18, 2020 Nov 18, 2020. Maison Ferrand. Y ou might be more familiar with Fiji Water than Fiji rum, but Plantation is out to change that with its new Isle of Fiji expression

Tango (2472) Rating: 3.5 (2018-11-14) [Updated Review] Plantation Original Dark Rum is exotic and not your traditional dark rum. The nose has aromas of sugarcane,dried raisins , dried figs,cinnamon and grape brandy.The entry is smooth with palate of grape brandy and smoke Rum Plantation är kända för att hylla olika romländers stilar, eller terroirs of rum. Destillerichefen och master blendern på Teeling Distillery, Alex Chasko, har noggrant valt ut fat från 3 olika terroirs. Alex Chasko har handplockat fat från Jamaica, Barbados och Guyana som tidigare lagrat rom i brittisk stil Guadeloupe 1998 - Plantation & Cadenhead & Duncan Taylor - Rum Review Updated: Jan 12, 2020 I recently visited my friend Steve Leukanech in Florida, a long time spirits collector with an incredible nose and palate

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Rum fans are in agreement that Plantation Original Dark Rum is a solid entry into the rum sipping world. There are those that call it too sweet, some too strong, but for the most part, Plantation Original Dark Rum is considered a well-rounded blended rum that checks all the boxes and can satisfy the palate of the beginner as well as the experienced rum sipper Plantation 5 Year Rum states plainly that it is a five year rum and that most of the aging happened on site in Barbados before being transported to a chateau in France for finishing in old French casks that carry on the aging traditions to round out this fine rum at the hands of their master blenders ensuring every batch of Plantation 5 Year Rum is as good as the previous batch Plantation 3 Stars Artisanal rum - rated #2171 of 8970 rums: see 293 reviews, photos, other Plantation rums, and similar Light rums from Franc Review (2019) Very nice! It has a rich jamaican character, earthy and with loads of fruit. Spicy, briny, fruity - it is wonderfully complex. Orange peel, brown sugar, mixed baking spices, and a nice tannic ending. Earthy throughout, a rich character - it's great! I do love these Jamaican rums- they are my favourite style Plantation original dark rum review. Founded by alexandre gabriel, the mastermind behind maison ferrand cognac, plantation rum holds the same values of elegance and refinement. Dark, aged rum is perfect on its own, while white rum works its magic in classic cocktails such as the daiquiri

The Rum Barrel Blog. Today I have a small sample of Plantation Trinidad 2001 which I bought from Master of Malt. I already reviewed another Plantation, so out of laziness I'll just leave the link for the introduction on Plantation and what they do here. This is an old vintage distilled in 2001 therefore I couldn't find too much info on it Review. Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Rum Rum is just delightful to admire while it is in its anniversary bottle which honours Alexandre Gabriel's 20th anniversary as Master Blender. The ultimate blend from Plantation uses a combination of quintessential extra-old rums from Barbados Plantation 3 Stars Artisanal White Rum. See Review. Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum. Aged in American whiskey barrels, this blend of column- and pot-still rums is easygoing and versatile

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Plantation O.F.T.D. Overproof: Behind the Scenes and Deeply Deconstructed. In this enlightened era of bespoke, high-end distilled spirits, we celebrate the soloist - the carefully nurtured, single estate gems rising to the top of category: Pappy Van Winkle 23 year bourbon, Fuenteseca Reserva 21 year tequila, Appleton 50 year rum, Macallan M. Today we review Plantation Rum, the 1996 Trinidad rum, the 3 Star, 5 Year, and Original Dark. All three get a tasting in this plantation review. This is the rum of choice that we discovered for the first time at Tales of the Cocktail 2014. Now, just before we leave for the 2015 event, we've got a wide array of samples to use on the show Lo and behold the rum with the longest name in the world.IntroductionThis is none other than the Plantation Guatemala XO Single Cask Pineau des Charentes Cask Finish - from now on the GXO. The rum is produced by french spirits power house Cognac Ferrand. A company of great heritage and history with a foo

Plantation Rum Italia. 7,187 likes · 93 talking about this. I Rum Plantation nascono in differenti Isole produttrici per essere poi affinati in botti di rovere presso la Maison Ferrand in Francia. I.. Plantation oftd overproof rum at the 2016 tales of the cocktail, the plantation rum company unveiled plantation o.f.t.d. By eric twardzik drinks, liquor reviews, rum, spirits feb 26, 2019 feb 26, 2019. Oftd easily beats out the original dark. As with most of the plantation rums there is no age statement

On top of that there is a mild oak presence, spiced up by some plasticine and a slight sting from the alcohol. So the Barbados XO you go out and buy today haven't spent time in barrels of 20 different sorts of wood. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. If your palate wishes to explore the history of this Rum, I strongly suggest you pick it up. My last bottle by. For their plantation rum line, cognac ferrand buys amazing rum from a variety of rum producing islands and then blends and ages the rum in cognac barrels in france. With a few weeks of no reviews, it's time to start the year off right with a review of another great rum from barbados: Finishes with a spicy praline, cherry, and toasted coconut fade with spicy cedar and leather underneath Hey Rob, I've been looking to purchase a rum for my dad for christmas and I am really torn on what to get him. I was wondering if you had any suggestions priced around $80, I was thinking between Plantation Barbados 20th Anniversary XO Rum, Angostura 1824 Aged 12 Years Rum and the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum

Plantation xaymaca special dry rum review. A lush mahogany hue, the nose brings forth brown sugar and tropical fruit. 1.5/5, barbados, plantation, rum review this ain't it chief after 5 reviews that i was looking forward to writing, i really do have to make one i'm not really looking forward to writing Plantation Utgåva: Vintage Tropisk åldrande: 7 år Bourbon fat, Guyana Kontinental åldrande: 24 månader Destillerad i: 2005 Tappat i: 2014 Fermentation:. Plantation Pineapple Stiggins' Fancy Rum sample provided by brand representatives. All photos, recipe, and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated. This Plantation Rum expression pays homage to the popularity of pineapple rum in nineteenth-century England. Pineapple rum was prized as exquisite sipping rum Plantation Xaymaca Special Dry Rum 750mL. No reviews. $29.99 $39.99. Brand: Plantation Rum. With Xaymaca Special Dry, Plantation revives the quintessential Jamaican-style, 100% pot still rums of the 19th century with an expression of intense flavors that reveal the traditional, legendary « Rum Funk » : aromas and flavors of black banana and. Visit Koloa Rum's Premier Tasting Room and Company Store at Kilohana Plantation in Puhi, Kaua`i where our award winning Premium Hawaiian Rums are available. Also popular are our rum cakes, rum fudge sauce, Kukui Brand Mai Tai Mix, jams, jellies, syrups, Koloa Rum logo wear and other unique Hawaiian made products

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A Plantation upon a Hill; Or, Sugar without Rum: Hawaiʻi's Missionaries and the Founding of the Hawaiian Sugarcane Plantation System, Pacific Historical Review 84, no. 2 (Spring 2015): 129-16 Plantation XO Barbados Rum 20th Anniversary Extra Old 40% Denne unikke Barbados rom er efterlagret på fine små cognacfade hos cognachuset Pierre Ferrand i hjertet af Cognac i Frankrig. De bløde franske limousine egefade, som først er blevet brugt til modning af den allerbedste Grande Champagne Cognac, bidrager med blød frugt, revet appelsinskal og fine vaniljetoner Political Implications of First Principles Theism, Letter to Philosophy Now Magazine Issue #129, Answering 5 Questions: the Relation Between Science and Religion, Harvey Weinstei

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The first-ever white rum from Plantation is named for three rum-producing stars of the Caribbean: Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad. The blend features unaged rums from Barbados and Jamaica, a 3-year-old rum from Trinidad and a 12-year Jamaican rum. Each rum brings their respective island's distinctive flavors and characteristics to the. An overproof rum from the Plantation stable - a favourite of bartenders in Australia and around the world. Creation in consultation with rum bars globally, this is a blend of rums from Guyana, Jamaica and Barbados, bottled at 69%. OFTD stands for 'Old Fashioned Dark Traditional', but the acronym has been adopted to mean a few other things. A review of Plantation Rum Jamaica Old Reserve 2000 on Difford's Guide - the definitive guide for discerning drinkers. Our free to use website requires cookies, as almost all websites do. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies Plantation Xaymaca Special Dry Rum was launched September 2018. Xaymaca was the name given the island of Jamaica by it's first inhabitants, the Arawaks, and translates to the land of wood and water. Xaymaca Special Dry is made from 100% pot still Jamaican rum. When Pierre Ferrand purchased the West Indies Rum Distillery they also [

Plantation - Barbados Vintage 2005 | Rum from BarbadosRum Corner: Review 11 - Secret Treasures Old Demerara Rum 1989Barbancourt - 150 year Limited Edition | Rum from HaitiZacapa Reserva Limitada 2013 | Rum from Guatemala