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9.1.4 Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker setup. How to set up your system. To create an optimal sound system enabled with Dolby Atmos®, first familiarize yourself with the role and position of each speaker. Then choose a central seating point and angle your speakers at it, keeping them at your ear height when you are seated, unless noted otherwise Dolby Atmos enabled speakers you can use in your Dolby Atmos capable setup. 300 , 900 , 1100 1350 1500-- 220 30 --500 900 1100 : 1350 , Speaker placement for 9.1.4 setup m DOLBY. Perspective detail for 9.1.4 setup 450 Overhead speaker placement detail for 9.1.4 setup ,'1250,' '135 Center speaker Subwoofer Left and right Wide speakers Left and right surround speakers Left and right rear Dolby Atmos enabled surround speakers Dolby Atmos speaker setups: What do these numbers mean? When shopping for Dolby Atmos home theater components, you'll see a new way of describing speaker configurations. 9.1.4 This refers to the number. How to video on where to mount your speakers for your Dolby Atmos Setup

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I was talking with my distributor and we were discussing the Atmos speaker layout with a 9.2.4 system and he was told by Dolby that they changed the rear location of the ceiling speaker and it should now be placed to the left and right of the seating position instead of in the rear as shown in.. The Samsung HW-Q950T is the Korean company's premium soundbar for 2020, a 9.1.4 surround system with support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X sound.. At £1599, the HW-Q950T isn't exactly cheap.

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Dts:x and Dolby Atmos both will support scaling native object based audio formats to all 9.1.4 speakers just fine. And when applying their up mixers to a 2/5.1/7.1 source it would in theory scale to all 9.1.4 speakers as well. How much you get from the wide speakers in practice I don't know. Adding more speakers do not always help much Dolby Atmos Number Scheme Explained. Interestingly enough, there are actually more options for speaker placement than there are flat panel tv screen sizes! In today's world of immersive home theater, you may have seen number sequences like 7.1.4 or 5.2 or 3.0 Samsung has rounded off its 2020 soundbar line-up with the launch of two premium Q-series Dolby Atmos models, including the flagship 9.1.4-channel HW-Q950T.S..

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Dolby Atmos Demo Sound Test 5.1,7.1 and 9.1 CompilationCREDIT - Dolby AtmosDownloadable Dolby Atmos TrailersFor Windows OfficialLeaf Trailer https://.. The wireless speakers and subwoofer should pair automatically with the soundbar, creating the full 9.1.4-channel system. All you need to do then is get hold of a Dolby Atmos or DTS:X test disc and an SPL meter (if you don't own one, there are plenty of free SPL apps for your smart device) to set the levels for the centre, width, side, front top, rear, rear top and subwoofer channels

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  1. 2. The preferred speaker layout for Dolby Atmos home entertainment certification is 7.1.4. To discuss alternative layouts (such as 5.1.4, 9.1.4, and 9.1.6), contact your local Dolby representative. 3. The mix position is the reference point from which all speakers are placed in a home entertainment Dolby Atmos speaker layout
  2. Dolby Atmos, for you members of the unwashed and uninformed masses (yeah, you know who you are), enables film sound designers to treat individual sonic elements as virtual objects that can be placed and moved almost anywhere within the three-dimensional space of a movie theater. Two things are important about its adaptation for home theater
  3. I have the Dolby Atmos 9.1.2 Speaker Placement but I was wondering if there is a similar setup guide for 11.2 speaker layout. I'm not going to put that many speakers in yet but I want to put in the speaker wires in for future proofing before I install the drywall

The JBL BAR 9.1 is a 5.1.4-channel soundbar that supports both of the main immersive audio formats - Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.There's a wireless active subwoofer, and a pair of wireless rear speakers that attach to the main soundbar for recharging. This isn't a new idea - Philips was doing it years ago - but it makes for a tidy solution How to get Dolby Atmos 9.2.6 from the Denon AVR-X8500H The X8500H supports only 7.2.6 or 9.2.4 Atmos layouts and you can't combine front wide speakers with 6 height speakers. However, it would in theory be possible to do a near perfect 9.4.6 if you had enough money and time. What you will need..

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The 9.1.4 system is pretty remarkable for a soundbar, and is clearly tailor-made for the object-based sound delights of today's Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio formats The Q950T can upscale non-Atmos/DTS:X soundmixes to fill its 9.1.4-speaker count, and with movies especially this is a lot of fun. There's also a Game Pro mode designed to remap non-object based game soundtracks into a 3D space. Again, this is worthwhile, and can help your console sessions feel more intense and enveloping 9.1 + 4 speakers on the ceiling; 9.1 + 2 upper front speakers + 2 speakers on the ceiling If you use the maximum set of audio in configuration 11.1 or 11.2, then a home theater can be represented by such a system: 2 front speakers, 2 front height speakers (with a slight downward inclination), 1 center speaker, 1 or 2 subwoofers, 2 rear speakers, 2 rear speakers center speakers, 2 ceiling speakers With Dolby 9.1.2 Atmos, 9.1.4 Atos and larger systems, we strongly advocate for the use of the REL 3D set-up, as this allows you to harness the atmospheric bass and huge soundstages made available through these extended formats

Only having 1 row of seats I'd go the 9.1.4 and that SVS will certainly ease my fears of being overpowered by speakers! Although I'm not sold the positioning of those templates is optimal. They look a little close to each other to provide seperation but I have no experience with 9 channel set up. I guess it mirrors the Dolby guide 9.1.4 system (546W) Dolby Atmos and DTS:X; Hi-Res Audio (24-bit/192kHz) The Samsung does a superb job of steering effects from speaker to speaker, and placing each sound with remarkable precision

The Audio Animals Dolby Atmos studio has been installed with an Avid S4 console as the centrepiece. Surrounded by a 9.1.4 speaker system. We have PMC Ci140 monitors up front (C/L/R), with 2 more PMC Ci140 speakers left and right, 4 PMC Ci65 speakers hard left and right and on the back wall Do a little more research on atmos setups. I've never experienced a 9.1.4, but I have done a 7.2.4. This was overkill for the room. There are only a couple receiver units capable of more than 11 channels of audio too and they are VERY expensive (somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-50k for the receiver)

I think they are trying to be too clever and seem more user friendly than Dolby with it's prescriptive speaker positioning and naming. is only 7.1.4 compared with Dolby 9.1.4 or 7.1.6 In the latter case, how are Middle Top (or height, or Atmos) reported to DTS according to the latest Dolby Atmos speaker configs for 7.1.6. In this case, set the Dolby Atmos Enabled speakers to be connected under Height - Layout in the menu. link. 9.1-channel playback. This system, which is based on a 5.1-channel system, plays back up to 9.1-channels at the same time. You can connect speakers for up to 11-channels for MAIN ZONE

In fact I always seat on the chaise longue (which is the left end of the sofa) and it's great to have the rears closer, because the main limition it is not the speakers placement, but the lack of power of rears in non Atmos content. But absolutely recommended for Dolby Atmos 7.1 movie 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos Enabled Speaker Setup Placement of Speakers,& Subwoofer. Check Vocal, Base, Surround, & Atmos. Screen / video display. Whether you're looking to build a presentation area for conference room or a full-scale cinema, a high-quality projector screen is a key part of your toolkit Dolby Lab 5.1 Speaker Placement | 7.1 Speaker Placement | 9.1 Speaker Speaker Placement Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos Enabled Speaker Placement | 5.1.

For the best Auro-3D experience Surround Height speakers are recommended, however you may substitute Rear Height speakers from a Dolby Atmos speaker setup in place of Surround Height speakers. Channels output from the HEIGHT1 and HEIGHT2 speaker terminals can be changed to the following patterns according to the speaker systems being used Premium Dolby Atmos AV Receivers Denon AVR-X8500H - best premium. Are you looking for the best receiver for Dolby Atmos in the premium price segment? Take a look at the AVR-X8500H receiver that is ready to handle configurations up to 7.1.6 and 9.1.4. After a software update, the device will also be able to play multi-channel Auro 3D audio

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Currently, Atmos specifications for home use suggest using speaker configurations from 5.1.2 to 9.1.4. At the moment, Dolby Atmos looks a little dank, but the situation is changing. This technology support is announced in mass models of the best Dolby Atmos receiver manufacturers such as Yamaha, Pioneer, Onkyo, and Denon, and therefore Dolby Atmos video is available in both Full HD and 4K

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Extended speaker layouts such as 9.1.4 and 9.1.6 or higher are also possible, as well as the use of speaker arrays. Note: Speaker placement, calibration, and tuning are covered in separate documentation. Attenuation and speaker mute and solo functions are available in the Dolby Atmos Renderer At home, the best way to recreate these mixes is with a 9.1.2 or 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos configuration; i.e., by adding a second pair of ear-level speakers out wide and in front of the main listening.

The good news is that you most certainly can connect your Dolby Atmos speakers to this receiver, as your receiver does support Dolby Atmos. I'm not familiar with the specific connection arrangement of the Denon receivers, as I use Yamaha receivers, however a quick look at the user manual will show you how to connect those up-firing Atmos speakers Optimal speaker placement in X will be capable of leveraging a Dolby Atmos speaker layout More expensive receivers—in the $1500 to $3000+ range—will support 7.1.4- or even 9.1.4. Page 2- Dolby Atmos Questions? Post - Surround - Video. Avid Pro Audio Community > Pro Tools Post Production > Post - Surround - Video: Dolby Atmos Questions Up-firing rear speakers included Q-symphony Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Usability. Adaptive Sound Game Mode Pro. Design. Premium Number of Channel 9.1.4 Ch. Subwoofer Type ( Active / Passive / Wireless, Bulit Carefully follow the instructions and use the pre-paid shipping label you receive by email after placing your order to ship your trade.

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The Dolby Atmos 9.1.4 system of the Guillaume Tell studio creates a genuine sound bubble in which each speaker is calibrated to provide a strictly identical sound level. The constancy of this level is essential so that the effects do not lose their power or impact as they move through space Discover the latest features and innovations available in the HW-Q950T 9.1.4ch Soundbar w/ Dolby Atmos / DTS:X and Alexa Built-in (2020) Get information on the LG SN11RG 7.1.4 Channel High Res Audio Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos®, Surround Speakers and Google Assistant Built-in (SN11RG). Find pictures, reviews, and tech specs For a Dolby Atmos Enabled speaker integrated with a surround back speaker, place the Dolby Atmos Enabled speaker instead of the surround back speaker. About Dolby Atmos Enabled speakers Dolby Atmos Enabled speakers reflect the sound off the ceiling to allow the sound to come from over your head by using a special upward-pointing speaker that is placed on the floor

According to the placement recommended by Dolby's official website, the position of 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos overhead speakers is recommended to be aligned with the front speakers in the left and right directions, and the front and rear directions are between 65-100° from the horizontal So if you get a 7.1 receiver that supports Atmos, your choice of speaker placement are standard 7.1 or 5.1.2 - which is 5.1 surround plus 2 height. An 11.1 receiver can do 11.1 surround or 7.1.4 or even 5.1.6. There is also 13.1 that can do 7.1.6 or 9.1.4. FYI - The last .[number] is the number of height channels Speaker Layout Diagram for Dolby Atmos Theater. Placing a speaker on top of another speaker will compromise the fidelity of both speakers due to acoustical interference. The listener will hear mostly reflected instead of direct sound that will also be very dispersed and not very cohesive Leveraging more than 70 years of acoustic technology, the RP-8060FA 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos® Home Theater System delivers unparalleled acoustic clarity for a premium listening experience. Features: Includes: (2) RP-8060FA, (1) RP-404C, (1 Pair) RP-600M, (2) RP-6000F, (1 Pair) RP-500SA, and (1) SPL-150. Titanium LTS Vented Tweeters with Hybrid.

Oct 8, 2019. #1. Hello all, We're looking into adding Dolby Atmos to our living room, the problem is that we have 18ft ceilings. Installing in ceiling speakers isn't an issue, I just wanted to ask if people have had success with setups like this. Preferably, we would perfer powered wireless speakers as I can hardwire/power them in through the. John Archer samples the 9.1.4-channel theatrics of Samsung's flagship soundbar While I love most things about Samsung's HW-Q950T soundbar, there is one thing about it that's so incredibly dumb I have to get it off my chest right away: its LED display is on its top edge To sum up this Samsung HW-Q950T review: a big impressive Dolby Atmos soundbar that aims to create the effect of an elite 9.1.4 surround setup using four wireless boxes, and it comfortably found a. Being an immersive Dolby Atmos 9.1.4 system, it definitely throws the sound around the room and is one of the better soundbars I've tested at moving the sound around the room. The .4 in the name is for the 4 Dolby Atmos speakers, 2 of which are on top of the rear speakers and 2 are on the top of the sound bar

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The Elac Debut A4 Dolby Atmos enabled add-on speaker is a 4″ full midrange upfiring speakers. It is specially designed to reflect sound up to the ceiling and back to your sitting position when you watched a Blu-ray movie featured the new audio format. The Elac Debut A4 is designed to sit atop of your bookshelf speakers or floor standing. FAQ for Samsung Soundbars. Find more about '500W 5.1.4 Ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar HW-K950 - Mount the soundbar and speakers to a wall (HW-K950)' with Samsung Support Two powerful forces combining as one to rock the holidays. The RP-8060FA Dolby Atmos ® enabled floorstanding speakers, paired with the SPL-150 subwoofer, create an immersive home theater system unlike any other. The RP-8060FA speakers include a built-in elevation channel speaker integrated into the top of the speaker to reflect sound off the ceiling to deliver the overhead Dolby Atmos. Enter a new world of sound with Dolby Atmos®. It transports you from an ordinary moment into an extraordinary experience with captivating, multidimensional sound that fills your room with amazing richness and depth. Music, people and things come alive in breathtaking detail and flow in precise choreography all around you, making you feel like. SAMSUNG Bar Sound with 8 wireless subwoofer, Q-Symphony, 9.1.4 Ch, True Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, 546W, Integrated Voice Assistants: Alexa & Bixby, HDMI eArc Samsung 2021 QLED Smart TVs (Q70A and later) incorporate a microphone and a DSP to detect the characteristics of the room at the sound level and thus optimize what the bar offers

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Channels 11.1.4. The Samsung HW-Q950A is the best Dolby Atmos soundbar that we've tested and is the next generation of the Samsung HW-Q950T. This well-built 11.1.4 setup comes with a wireless subwoofer and two satellite speakers. Also, it comes with an Auto EQ room correction feature that adjusts the bar's sound according to the unique. True 9.1.4ch sound. The soundbar's 9 channels, 1 subwoofer channel, and 4 up-firing channels envelope you in sound. With newly added wide speakers on both corners of the soundbar, audio fills the space between it and the rear speakers to enhance your surround sound experience — a great match for your QLED TV Klipsch Dolby Atmos® enabled elevation speakers effortlessly add the Dolby Atmos experience to your current floorstanding or bookshelf speaker. Klipsch signature controlled directivity effectively bounces sound off your ceiling down to the listening area for an aerial, lifelike experience Not long ago, the term Dolby Atmos was used exclusively to refer to an immersive sound experience that you could only get in theaters. But in the last few years you've been much more likely to.

JBL BAR 9.1 True Wireless Surround with Dolby Atmos®. 9.1 Channel Soundbar System with surround speakers and Dolby Atmos®. No rating value average rating value is 0.0 of 5. Read 0 Reviews Same page link. Write a review. Variations. Black. $1,199.95. 1199.95 per system Transform your living room into a state-of-the-art cinematic auditorium in minutes. Shockwafe Ultra 9.2ch SSE + Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Soundbar is the only soundbar in the world up to 9.2.4 Channels, Dual 10 Wireless Subwoofers and Quad Modular 2-way Surround Speakers. Find out why it's in JBL BAR 9.1 Soundbar with Dolby Atmos Feel like you're right in the scene with 3D surround sound The JBL Bar 9.1 soundbar brings audio experience of a movie theater into your home with two detachable surround speakers and the added punch of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D sound

Dolby Atmos and DTS: X surround setup. Two fairly new audio formats are Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. These audio formats function optimally with speakers suspended from the ceiling. You have different setup options, from 5.1.2 and 7.1.2 (where the two stands for two speakers at the top) to 7.1.4 or 9.1.4 (four speakers at the top) Dolby Atmos is 3D sound. The latest Samsung HW-Q950T 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos soundbar uses a mix of physical speakers, psychoacoustic trickery, and Q-symphony sound if you have a 2020 Q-series QLED TV to achieve spectacular sound. The Samsung HW-Q950T 9.1.4 is the flagship of the 2020 Q-series soundbars (announcement article here) Whereas Dolby suggests a 5.1.4, 7.1.4, or 9.1.4 system (with the last digit being the number of ceiling speakers), Erskine chose a whopping 7.4.9 system. In addition to the nine in-ceiling models, there are seven speakers at ear level and four Procella subwoofers for a grand total of 20 speakers There are currently six published Atmos configurations for the home: 5.1.2, 5.1.4, 7.1.2, 7.1.4, 9.1.2, and 9.1.4 (of course, you could arguably add-in more configurations if including two LFE channels). Dolby says that all surround speakers (front, side, and rear) should be at the same height (with the front speakers being a reference point) Samsung hw q950t (9.1.4 soundbar) issues Hey guys, I got a samsung hw q950t soundbar with the rear and sub since a month or so. Altough I love the dolby atmos sound, I am struggling with rear and sub connectivity issues

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The Atmos speakers don't need to be powerful, so they could also be overkill. Next for a 2 Atmos speaker setup the placement should be between 65-100 degrees above, 80 being ideal. It might be best to use your old speakers at listening level and use a cheaper in-ceiling speaker in those tiles. Easy install, better placement and less obstructive La technologie Dolby Atmos constitue une avancée majeure dans le traitement des bandes son cinéma en ajoutant une dimension verticale au champ sonore et en introduisant le concept d'objet audio, en plus des traditionnels 5.1 ou 7.1 canaux. D'abord exploité dans les salles obscures, le son home-cinéma 3D Dolby Atmos peut désormais être mis en œuvre dans nos salons et nos salles home-cinéma When you use Atmos-enabled combo speakers or Atmos-enabled add-on modules, speaker placement is nearly identical to the standard arrangements for 5.1, 7.1, and so on, though if your existing surrounds are mounted much above ear level, you may want to consider lowering them a bit to ensure enough distinction between side/back and ceiling effects

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A 7.1.4 reference speaker layout is recommended for mixing in Dolby Atmos for post production. For Atmos Music an extended layout of 9.1.4 is recommended. However, it is understood that this is not practical for many facilities. While it is better to mix with more speakers, it is acceptable to mix Atmos content on 5.1.4 systems Good: Dolby Atmos-Enabled Soundbar. The simplest way to bring Dolby Atmos audio to your media room is with a Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbar. If you want a quick and budget-friendly solution that doesn't require placing speakers all around your media room but still offers immersive sound, then you may consider this option item 5 Samsung HW-Q950T 546W 9.1.4-Ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar System Certified Refurbished 5 - Samsung HW-Q950T 546W 9.1.4-Ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar System Certified Refurbished. $769.99. Free shipping. item 6 Samsung HW-Q950T Soundbar Subwoofer 2 Speakers 9.1.4-Ch WiFi It can collect dust. I also did not like that they placed the display on. The Dolby Atmos demonstration will be a 9.1.4 speaker configuration, meaning that in addition to the standard 7.1 setup, the system will include four overhead speakers (no upward firing speakers) located in the ceiling above the listening position and two front wide speakers located on the left and right side walls Dolby Atmos at home: Ears on. From the theater to your living room, Dolby's Atmos surround format aims to change movie audio. We take a listen. With any luck you've at least heard about the latest.

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Samsung HW-Q950T 9.1.4 Channel Dolby Atmos Soundbar System Like new out of Box Retail price is $1799+tax, selling for $1100 Call or text 4167971197 if interested True 9.1.rch sound The soundbar has 9 channels, 1 subwoofer channel, and 4 up-firing channels — all to envelope you in sound. Newly added wide speakers placed on both corners of the soundbar delivers a wider sound sta GadgetGuy's take - JBL Bar 9.1 with Dolby Atmos is unique at the price. At $1499.95 it is easily one of the best 5.1.4 systems you can buy - quite possibly the only one with separate rear speakers. It does not have quite the gravitas of my superseded 7.1.4 Samsung that has 17 speakers to get that

A: Answer Found out that these Dolby Atmos up-firing speakers work the best with flat ceilings and not high-vaulted ceilings. Since D.A is an object-based 3D sound effect and not a codec like Dolby True HD or DTS-X.. Best placement is at ear level on floor standing speaker stands Powered 9.1.4-channel sound bar with wireless subwoofer, surround speakers, Dolby Atmos®, and DTS:X Item # 305HWQ950T Create cinema-like sound at home with this feature-packed home theater surround sound system Unfortunately it does not have a height channel, you can see it just by looking at the channel format that they show, in this case with the rear speakers it is 5.1 and to have height channels it must have three digits and not two, for example the samsung q900a with rear speakers is 9.1.4 where 9 are the speakers in the center and sides of the soundbar and the 2 extras are the rear speakers, 1. Dolby® technologies in your A/V receiver, with flexible speaker configurations and autocalibration, let you experience the thrill of every action scene and the emotion of every poignant moment in movies and TV shows. Dolby Atmos ® supports up to 128 simultaneous audio objects in a cinematic mix, offering an extremely powerful experience


The Ultimate Test: Dolby Atmos vs. Dolby Atmos Page 2. Considering the fact that Atmos speaker systems can range from the most basic 5.1.2 configuration up to a room-filling 24.1.10 speakerpalooza, a person (as in me) could spend years testing the different configurations. Editor Rob Sabin knows I always turn my stuff in way past deadline, but. The Samsung 2020 Q-series soundbars are here and include Dolby Atmos 9.1.4, 7.1.2, 3.1.2 and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 soundbars. Samsung 2020 Q-series soundbars are the pinnacle of Samsung Audio Lab California tuning and design. While they are best for Samsung TVs, their sound quality makes them a great addition to any brand of premium TV Speaking of 5.1.2, that's the minimum you'll need for overhead surround effects, though it's not uncommon to see larger setups. 7.1.4 is what Dolby Atmos uses as a reference for their sound engineers. And some receivers can support Atmos configurations up to 9.1.4. DTS:X. DTS:X got its start in home cinemas back in 2015 Feel part of the scene with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technologies, sounds move independently around you from all directions, even above, just like in real life. 9.1.4 CHANNELS The soundbar has 9 channels, 1 subwoofer channel and 4 up-firing channels for enveloping sound. The wide speakers are placed at eac It's making use of an ambitious 7.2.1 speaker configuration which means that not only does it give the impression that sound is coming from seven distinct spots to the front, sides, and behind your seated position, but from two overhead points too - that Dolby Atmos magic - with one separate subwoofer speaker for delivering rumbling bass

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System: sound bar, wireless subwoofer, and wireless rear speakers delivers 9.1.4-channel sound with support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X built-in Amazon Alexa for voice control designed to complement Samsung QLED TVs Q-Symphony feature allows bar to synchronize with select Samsung QLED TVs to create a fuller soundstage: Cheapest price I Have seen on Samsung 9.1.4 Ch Atmos Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer HW-Q950TXY. I have complete sonos arc with sub and sl's, but looking for good atmos experience so saw this $1111 price couldn't hold myself not to buying this Worlds First 9.1.4 channel Sound bar fills the room from all angles Supports Dolby Atmos, DTS-X Premium Design to fit with Premium TV, Textile By Kvadrat Q-Symphony works with Select 2020 Samsung TV models to use TV speakers alongside Soundbar Adaptive Sound and Game Mode ensures best Audio for each use output wattage: 546.0 watt Denon AVR-S760H 7.2-Channel 8K AV Receiver Dolby Atmos DTS X, 2021 Model 9.1 View Product 9.1 4: Denon AVR-S960H 7.2 Channel 8K AV Receiver w/ Dolby Vision Dolby Atmos NEW 8.

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Samsung HW-Q950T 9.1.4 Channel Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X with an Additional 1 Year Coverage by Epic Protect (2020) 4.6 out of 5 stars 29 3 offers from $1,016.4 The 9.1.4 Samsung HW-Q950T is a better soundbar than the Bose Smart Soundbar 700 with Speakers + Bass Module. The Samsung gets louder, and it has a better surrounds performance. It supports Dolby Atmos content, and it comes with a graphic EQ and presets, as well as a Full HDMI In port that supports 4k passthrough Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology developed by Dolby Laboratories.It expands on existing surround sound systems by adding height channels, allowing sounds to be interpreted as three-dimensional objects. Following the release of Atmos for the cinema market, a variety of consumer technologies have been released under the Atmos brand, using in-ceiling and up-firing speakers Dali Alteco ATMOS Speakers DALI ALTECO C-1 is truly a 'Jack of all trades', but also master to all. The wedge shaped ALTECO C-1 is a perfect fit for several difficult audio situations, and the dual sound modes helps it adjust to even more. HEIGHT SPEAKERS Movies with a Dolby Atmos, DTS:X or Auro-3D soun Brand new, tested and working, complete in open/imperfect box. Comes complete with all the contents in factory state! Please see the photos. Serial numbers are tracked! Worlds First 9.1.4 channel Sound bar fills the room from all angles Supports Dolby Atmos, DTS-X Premium Design to fit with Premium TV, Textile By Kvadrat Q-Symphony works with Select 2020 Samsung TV models to use TV speakers.