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  1. You can enter UEFI BIOS easily on ASUS: Press the power button to turn on your ASUS computer. When the ASUS logo screen appears, you should look for which button to press to enter UEFI BIOS immediately
  2. Unable to Boot into UEFI Menu. Recently I wanted to install a Virtual Machine onto my computer, which for my VM requires me to change a setting in the UEFI BIOS menu for it to work. When i tried to load into the UEFI menu, with Settings -> Update and Security - Recovery - Advanced Start-up - Restart Now and then proceeding to click on UEFI Firmware.
  3. Select [UEFI Firmware Settings] ⑥ 。 Click [Restart] ⑦, your computer will enter the BIOS configuration after the restart. General situation (Before booting) While the computer isn't powered on yet, press and hold the [F2] button of the keyboard, and then press the [Power button] (Do not release F2 button until the BIOS configuration display.)
  4. You can try to enter the BIOS using the Advanced startup in Windows, but my most likely guess is that your monitor somehow doesn't support the resolution used in the BIOS. Thank you, I tried booting to UEFI with Windows recovery but same problem, also gave it a go with another monitor but same problem as well
  5. Can't enter BIOS/UEFI. Open | Windows. Hello, I'm having a strange problem. I wanted to change some settings in my BIOS, but I can't get in there. I boot to Windows fine, but when I try to hit del or f11 to get into BIOS (pretty sure it's del on my board), nothing happens. As in, nothing, not even a boot to Windows
  6. If the computer system has a pre-UEFI BIOS, and you want to access UEFI BIOS Setup with high speed, you can enter BIOS setup or UEFI firmware via this traditional method, hot key. Boot PC and just tap hot key at computer logo while system is starting up to access the UEFI system setup. Tips: Keys for various BIOS/UEFI

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I have an Asus Vivobook S15 S510UN laptop. I installed multiple operating systems on it: Windows, Linux and macOS. I have used it for more than 1 year with this configuration. I noticed that my laptop does not enter UEFI BIOS settings today. I believe this problem started with Linux grub update when updating kernel but I am not sure The thing is that ASUS has now released a BIOS update for my board... There's ofcourse newer versions above the one i'm going to say, but this one, the BIOS 3402 says the following (Note: From 19/05/2017) Versión 3402 2017/05/197.74 MBytes Z170 PRO GAMING BIOS 3402 1. Fix keyboard can not enter into BIOS issue. (SteelSeries) 2 [Motherboard] Which ASUS model supports Windows 11 › Most Popular Images Newest at www.asus.com Images. Posted: (1 day ago) Sep 27, 2021 · Alternatively, the TPM version can also be checked in the BIOS: Go to Advanced\\Trusted Computing page to see the TPM version. If you cannot find this page, refer to the following section to enable fTPM(Firmware TPM) Click Restart to reboot the system and enter the UEFI (BIOS). Now, you get past BIOS settings on ASUS motherboard successfully. In the BIOS Setup Utility you can see all function tabs to make changes

Therefore, you can't enter BIOS; we recommend following the given steps to access the BIOS. Start with navigating to the settings. Click on the start menu icon can help you get there I won't go into details regarding that. BIOS is UEFI and i can't fint option to change it to Legacy BIOS. Can not boot into BIOS/UEFI on ASUS laptop , I just bought a generic laptop ASUS R417NA. How To Enable Nvme In Bios Asus

Aug 12, 2018. #1. My build is in the signature. I have a PC with an ASUS Maximus VI Hero motherboard. For 4+ years I have been able to access the UEFI bios fine. Nothing has changed in my setup. Same microphone, keyboard, mouse, GPU, monitor, etc. since I originally built the PC. I had a mild overclock to my i5 4670k and one day I decided I.

Can't get into the BIOS/UEFI or see boot output on DisplayPort, but can on HDMI (ASUS Maximus IX Hero) Ask Question Asked 1 year, 8 months ago. Active 3 months ago. I could not enter BIOS. Win 10, ALIENWARE R9 w/ RTX2080 super, ACER XV273K monitor Now, can't enable UEFI in the bios, if I do that pc does not boot. It says No GOP (graphics output protocol) detected New to this world and would appreciate any help. (not very technical as well. Please be patient if I reply with a silly question) How to enable TPM in UEFI BIOS. Intel motherboards (This paragraph takes ROG Z590-A GAMING WIFI for example) 1. Press Del when the ASUS or ROG logo appears to enter the BIOS. 2. Go to Advanced\\PCH-FW Configuration page and enable PTT. 3. Once you attempt to make the change in the BIOS, a notification box will appear (see below) And thus I can't get into the bios settings. Rather than anything to do with fitting another component. I think it has to do with bitlocker encryption. If I have a keyboard plugged in, then I get to the Press DEL or F2 to enter UEFI BIOS settings and can't get any further If your UEFI BIOS is already the latest, you do not need to re-update it. Once you know your motherboard model, ASUS BIOSes can be found at ASUS's support website . Step

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I still can not enter BIOS/UEFI normally, with a hotkey or even with NOVO button. Very strange. But I can at least use the option from Advanced startup to go to UEFI Cannot access Bios, Please press DEL or F2 to enter UEFI BIOS settings Hi Guys I restored an image created with Macrium Reflect on my wife's computer (Custom build with Asus P8Z77-V LX mother board) and everything went fine until rebooting when i got to the Please press DEL or F2 to enter UEFI BIOS settings then everything stopped Unable to enter BIOS settings. Stuck on Asus 'American Megtrends' display on boot-up on new build with the Asus prime Z370-A / Intel i7 8700K. I recently had problem getting any display on first boot which I posted on this forum. I discovered, after testing board outside case, one of the memory mods wasn't seated properly Normally the keys to enter BIOS could be Esc, Del, F2, F1, F4, F8, F10, F12. After bypassing Fast Startup feature, you should be able to access your UEFI settings. If the UEFI firmware settings missing Windows 10 is not caused by Fast Startup and this fix doesn't help, you can try the next resolution

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The Bios is a UEFI capable bios. Motherboard ASUS Z97-A. Problem: The problem is that I cannot boot into Windows or the Bios or boot from rescue media. This however didn't explain why I needed a rescue disk to enter my bios after what should have been a routine installation. So I did some testing and replicated the issue Can't enter bios on asus x570-e. Support - SOLVED! Just got a new PC with asus x570-e, ryzen 5900x and rtx 3080 ti. It boots into windows perfectly. However, when I choose enter UEFI from the advanced restart menu, I get only black screen, when after half a minute, it seems that PC reboots into windows. Also, I don't see ASUS splash screen. 5. Try F1, F2 and Del keys to enter in ASUS N56vz-RH71 BIOS, But some Bios are different you should get a prompt when it starting up to see which key you need to press to enter the BIOS setup. Here are the list of ASUS laptops with BIOS and Boot menu keys. Image Form- Boot Menu Key for Asus Laptops. ariawatson, Jan 24, 2014 Some Intel NUCs, especially the early models, seem to only be able to utilize the front USB port for keyboard BIOS/UEFI access. So, please use the following steps: Connect a known good USB keyboard to the front USB port. Power on the system. Keep pressing F2 to enter BIOS/UEFI. Use the front USB port on your NUC Oct 13, 2014. #1. when I start up my computer it goes directly from the asus loading screen to the uefi bios screen. when I try to exit out of the screen (save changes and reset or discard changes and restart) it goes right back to the uefi bios screen. it also isn't even a new computer like most people having this problem, I've been using it.

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  1. Gary or anyone else, I have a problem with my mouse in the efi Asus p8p67 bios. It doesn't work. It just drifts to the left of the screen and stays there. Its almost impossible to select anything as the mouse keeps interrupting. Any ideas please? Its a Microsoft wireless laser mouse 5000
  2. Hi my 1st post,Ihave a Advent DT2412,Desktop running Win 10 home.I have tried all I can to enter UEFI BIOS.When I bought the pc I had no problem hittingthe DEL key and got in evey time
  3. Long story short. friends PC isn't loading up certain drivers following the replacement of a bad GFX card that was causing his PC to power cycle at random. there are no network adapters showing up in the network adapter menu even though device manager shows them which results in no internet connection at all and i can't get to the BIOS to fix it because
  4. i have an asus motherboard , well this entry is still in my Uefi bios , and i can't remove it i have a dual boot ,w10 and w7 ,both in legacy , not uefi , so i can't use easyuefi.

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There's a BIOS setting for (extra) fast startup, but I believe that it's only available in UEFI systems. (Not applicable if the OP has a legacy system.) With it set, it's possible that no keypress will take the PC into the BIOS setup. If there is a problem, the work-around is to clear the CMOS Can't access BIOS? Check this video or the tutorial (https://bit.ly/2HPklaI), and you will learn how to enter BIOS on Windows 10 step by step. BIOS stands fo.. After conversion, you can't boot into Windows until you change the motherboard's firmware settings from Legacy BIOS to UEFI. Take a quick tour of the firmware and look for the setting that allows you to switch between BIOS and UEFI before starting the conversion. The process differs across manufacturers, so you may need to look around a little Enter UEFI/BIOS using before Windows 11 boots, on a PC with an ASUS motherboard. That's it! Did you encounter problems accessing the UEFI/BIOS on your Windows 11 PC? As you've seen, entering UEFI/BIOS on a Windows 11 PC is very similar to how you do it on a Windows 10 computer or device

Re: H370: Can't enter BIOS/UEFI at startup Tuesday, December 11, 2018 8:34 AM ( permalink ) Once you get into the Bios Turn Off Fast Boot. The Del and F2 keys to enter into the Bios but with Fast Boot on I can never get in. Also if you have Nun Lock on sometimes the Bios missing the Del and sometime best to use the F2 Key If the computer still can't boot past BIOS, please move on to the next fix. Fix 2: Reset BIOS to Default Settings Some of your BIOS settings may be changed by mistake to conflict with the system, so you won't be able to pass the BIOS when booting computer I have the new Inspiron 7000 series laptop, the model number is 7737. I am unable to enter the bios setup menu. I shutdown the computer and then hit the power key and keep tapping the F2 key, I see the F2 setup text on the bottom right corner dislayed and highlighted when I press the f2 key, but it still continues to boot from the hard drive. I tried the F12 key and have th I just got my computer yesterday - motherboard in title, Win10, i5-9400f, zotac gtx1660 - and I'm trying to get into the BIOS for a couple of reasons: I want to turn off the pulsing RGB on the motherboard that persists into sleep and shutdown because it will make getting to sleep slightly harder, and change the USB charge options when asleep / shutdown; but I can't get into BIOS After installing Windows and all recommended updates, then running HWMonitor, it shows CPU voltage and temp are ok (35ºC on temp, I don't remember the voltage right now). No weird behaviour except for the warnings about no CPU fan and CPU high voltage at BIOS/UEFI after every restart

Oh, I had youtube open and it autoplayed another video. talked of holding esc and turning on machine. that got me to a boot menu - windows boot manager / uefi: vendor coproductcode / enter setup. Choose windows boot manager and you get the windows 4 tiles & spinning circle. choose uefi and it blinks and goes into bios. enter setup goes into bios I was having this same terrible problem. I could get into DEL UEFI bios on SECOND pass after it had done it's first pass and missed it, but I also couldn't enter the CTRL-I raid setup on my P8Z77-Pro board with latest bios. So, what do I do? I try plugging in another USB keyboard. I have a Logitech G15 and a crappy generic one

Enabling UEFI Boot Mode. On PCs and laptops from most manufacturers, including Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo, and more, Legacy Boot can be disabled or turned off from the EFI setup/configuration feature, available immediately after turning on your PC. If legacy boot mode (also known as CSM boot) is enabled, UEFI boot mode is. Enter BIOS/UEFI settings. So that's pretty much about it. Seems like the OEM's keep bringing more and more series lineups to the table. Therefore, the keys assigned for accessing UEFI or BIOS. Select [UEFI Firmware Settings] ⑥ 。 Click [Restart] ⑦, your computer will enter the BIOS configuration after the restart. General situation (Before booting) While the computer isn't powered on yet, press and hold the [F2] button of the keyboard, and then press the [Power button] (Do not release F2 button until the BIOS configuration.

Keep pressing the Bios key to enter into BIOS. I am using an ASUS motherboard. So I will press the Delete key to enter into bios. NOTE: You may have been using another company's motherboard. So you need to press the bios key.if you don't know . Please search on the internet,read forums.you will get your bios key. (Most cases:f2,f12. I am trying to install Catalina on ASUS TUF Z390M PRO which was updated to the Bios v2606. I'm stuck with a strange issue where the USB drive is recognized by the BIOS, but it never boots into it- when I select the UEFI USB to boot, the screen just flickers and goes back to the bios screen. I tried resetting the CMOS etc

Being that I can't log in, and I do not have a second admin account, I cannot use the msconfig method. I've already tried hitting F8 during start and it just gives me the option to either boot my HD or enter bios. I also went through the bios options and didn't see anything there either Next select Troubleshoot Advanced options UEFI Firmware Settings. You would successfully enter UEFI BIOS in Windows 10/8.1/8 computer. Step 2: Disable secure boot in UEFI firmware settings. Different computer brands have different motherboards, so it is a little different to find the Secure Boot option in their UEFI BIOS

Can't boot from a flash drive to install windows or run a program with bios? There are solutions to this problem. How to Fix Windows Won't Boot from USB Erro.. Thus, the UEFI was born out of necessity for higher-powered booting. The new standard of BIOS accommodates the limitations the old BIOS system couldn't work around. UEFI, or Unified Extended Firmware Interface Forum, can run in 32-bit or 64-bit modes and theoretically handle drives up to 9.4 zettabytes How to enter BIOS from Boot. To get into your BIOS from a cold boot or restart, as soon as you start up the computer you want to hit the dedicated button to access your BIOS, which can be either F2, F4, F8 or DEL. Usually the PC will display what this is. 1

Enter the BIOS menu on your PC. Biostar motherboards usually use the F12 key to enter the BIOS menu. Switch to the 'Boot' tab once you enter your BIOS menu. Select 'UEFI Boot'. Set it as Enabled. Once enabled, reboot your system and press the F9 key to enter your Boot menu. You can now select a compatible OS to boot into No ASUS splash screen, can't enter BIOS Hi, i build my new pc 3 days ago, some time when i turn on my pc works correctly, sometime No splash/bios screen and after seconds/minuts with black screen then welcome windows screen showing directly The new ASUS UEFI BIOS is a Unified Extensible Interface that complies with UEFI architecture, failed to enter BIOS Setup using the first two options. After doing either of the three options, press <Delete> key to enter BIOS. 6 PRIME/PRO/TUF GAMING X570 Series BIOS Manua Way 2: Enter WinRE. If your computer can't boot into Windows, you can use this method. Please refer to the following steps: Power on and off your computer continuously 3 times to enter Windows Recovery Environment. Navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > UEFI Firmware Settings. Click Restart to enter BIOS and change UEFI settings

Once you've confirmed you are on Legacy BIOS and have backed up your system, you can convert Legacy BIOS to UEFI. 1. To convert, you need to access Command Prompt from Windows's advanced startup. For that, press Win + X, go to Shut down or sign out, and click on the Restart button while holding the Shift key. 2 Enter BIOS Using Command Prompt. As mentioned above, you can also enter BIOS or UEFI Settings in Windows 10 using the Command Prompt. 1. Open Command Prompt (Admin) on your computer. 2. On the Command Prompt screen, type shutdown /r /o /f /t 00 and press the Enter key on the keyboard of your computer. 3 Check and enable tpm 2 0 in uefi bios for windows 11 upgrade on asus prime x570 p otosection. asus motherboard no display. buy asus am4 tuf gaming x570 plus (wi fi) atx motherboard with pcie 4.0, dual m.2, 12 2 with dr. mos power stage, hdmi, dp, sata 6gb s, usb 3.2 gen 2 and aura sync rgb lighting with fast shipping and top rated customer. 2

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  1. To enter BIOS Setup after POST: • Press <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Delete> simultaneously. • Press the reset button on the system chassis. • Press the power button to turn the system off then back on. Do this option only if you failed to enter BIOS Setup using the first two options. After doing either of the three options, press <Delete> key to enter.
  2. I won't go into details regarding that. BIOS is UEFI and i can't fint option to change it to Legacy BIOS. Can not boot into BIOS/UEFI on ASUS laptop , I just bought a generic laptop ASUS R417NA. How To Enable Nvme In Bios Asus
  3. With what you learn in this book, you'll be able to ensure that your SQL Server instances can handle gracefully the CPU, memory and IO workload generated by your applications, and that the operating system and SQL Server itself are Click Restart to enter BIOS and change UEFI settings. Here, you can see an advanced UEFI menu that uses ASUS's auto-tuner to overclock a PC very easily while.

This article provides a solution to an issue where you can't enter UEFI firmware setup when in native UEFI mode. Applies to: Windows 10 - all editions Original KB number: 2804597. Symptoms. Consider the following scenario: You enter UEFI F/W setup by pressing F1 key during POST How to access BIOS: Common keys to enter the BIOS are F1, F2, F10, Delete, Esc, as well as key combinations like Ctrl + Alt + Esc or Ctrl + Alt + Delete, which are more common on older machines. You can enter the BIOS interface by holding down any of these keys while booting up on your computer. Method 4 Here are the top three keys used to gain access to the UEFI BIOS setup. (or + ) To find out how to enter your system's BIOS setup, restart your computer. As your system boots up, you may be prompted with a message that states, Press or to enter setup , or Press , and to enter setup. If you do not see this message, the BIOS. I can't get get into the bios. I updated the bios via the BIOS Update Utility 2.56 and after that into the bios anymore. Windows is still to Solution. And therfore can't I can't see the press enter to interupt normal startup message anymore

can't boot into asus dark hero bios - posted in Internal Hardware: no matter what i do i cant get into my bios menu (trying to enable tpm to install win 11) 1) disabled fast startup in windows. Remove respective boot menu entry. You may do it through BIOS. Or if you like, you can boot into a Linux live CD and do the following: Next, run sudo efibootmgr to check your boot entries. It shall be like the following: Suppose ubuntu is the entry you wish to delete. It is of entry 5 Computer won`t boot, can`t access bios. Thread starter my system if I can't get it to reboot was enough. all that was needed was to insert the windows disc and as. How to Overclock With ASUS UEFI BIOS. Once all the settings are entered, pressing F10 will bring up the save and reset box where the user can evaluate and comb over the changes made

Secure boot is often enabled by default on asus motherboards with uefi bios. i wanted to have a dual boot setup on my new pc, and that is not possible when secure boot is enabled. that meant having to identify the asus bios key for the motherboard, enter the asus bios utility and disable secure boot on my windows 10 running pc. The how to enable disable secure boot on asus pc motherboard by. Hi, I have a Nitro 5 and am unable to enter BIOS/UEFI. Hitting f2 at boot, or attempting to enter UEFI from Windows 10 recovery both result in a black screen with an underscore in the top left corner. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Win 10 boots ok. F12 works to allow boot from a usb stick

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  1. SHORT ANSWER: The Asus T100 is a normal PC and so you can enter the BIOS by rapidly pressing the F2 key on boot up. LONG ANSWER: To be precise the Asus T100 and most newer computers have scrapped the old, small and slow BIOS (Basic Input Output System) in favour of the new Intel and Microsoft designed UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)
  2. After rebooting it's stuck on Asus logo I can enter bios and move within, reset it to defaults but can't enter Easyflash, it will just freeze. BTW the bios update was initiated using WinFlash. I followed the instructions OP posted except renamed the file to T100HA.bin There is no Start button on HA so tried volume -+ Sadly it didn't do nothin
  3. How do I bypass BIOS password on Asus laptop? How to remove Asus laptop bios password easy way! Boot while while pressing/holding F2 to get into the BIOS / UEFI. When the enter password window appears then press Alt + r or Alt Gr +r. Enter rescue password window will appear, with YYYY-MM-DD. How do I create a password before booting

Computers with Windows 8 and not accessed directly from the post of Asus with the F2 key to enter the bios, the manner of use has changed and everything is in the Windows boot menu. To access the BIOS must use the UEFI boot menu of Windows, for it to be in the operating system follow the steps below The very first thing I did was upgrade the BIOS to 024. When I attempt to press CTRL + P at boot to enter MBEX, FW Status recovery error flashes on the screen then it attempts to boot the OS. Also - I can't change the boot order in UEFI nor can I enable the startup beep or keyboard ready beep What to do if you can't log into BIOS to boot from a USB flash drive. Due to the fact that modern operating systems use fast boot technologies, it may turn out that you simply cannot enter BIOS in order to somehow change the settings and boot from the desired device. In this case, I can offer two solutions

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  1. Please enter setup to recover bios setting. Press F1 to run setup - posted in Windows 7: I am not able to start my Windows 7. After Pressing F1 it get me to Asus UEFI bios utility and if I exit it
  2. Turn the Zenbook on. Enter UEFI (BIOS) through pressing ESC or F2. In 'Boot' tab: 'Disable Fastboot' (*) Press F10 to save & exit. Immediately press ESC or F2 again. In 'Boot' tab: your USB drive should be listed - change the order. Press F10 to save & exit. Your Zenbook should now boot from the USB drive. profit
  3. This is to make sure that there is no conflicting UEFI and non-UEFI storage drive that blocking you from installing an OS. You can physically removed it from your motherboard or via BOOT menu (See instruction below if you have no idea how to enter BIOS, key is F1 or DEL). At your BIOS settings, go to Advanced > SATA/Storage Configuration
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  5. SSD prevents BIOS from starting. So I recently bought a WD Blue SN550 500 GB which was meant to replace the mSATA M.2 from my laptop. However, when I plug this SSD into my laptop, the latest don't boot on my bootable USB stick and I'm not able to access its BIOS. My laptop is an ASUS Vivobook X512DA, I can access bios by pressing the F2.
  6. 3.3. BIOS UEFI Asus (yellow/grey) If you have an Asus motherboard with this type of BIOS, press DEL or F2 when you start your computer to enter in the BIOS. Then, if you are in the EZ Mode, you will find the Default option at the bottom of the screen. (Keyboard shortcut : F5)
  7. 2)tried pressing/hitting F1,F2,F12,DEL keys. 3)i have also used lenovo one key recovery button there it showed bios setup when i selected it and hit enter it is just doing normal windows 8 boot still i can't access uefi bios. 4)tried updating BIOS for the laptop but unfortunately there was no bios update for this model

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Did you boot the win 8 DVD in UEFI? I have a G74S and it just works. Before enable UEFI in BIOS try to press bottom to show boot menu as son as asus logo appear. There`ll be options to boot by de DVD one with UEFI chose that one. Since your drive is MBR formatted the windows 8 install will say it`s not possible to use that partition Can I enter BIOS from command prompt? How to Edit BIOS From a Command Line. Turn your computer off by pressing and holding the power button. Wait about 3 seconds, and press the F8 key to open the BIOS prompt. Use the up and down arrow keys to select an option, and press the Enter key to select an option When you choose to enter BIOS Setup, the setup utility page will appear. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, select the BOOT tab. Move USB to be first in the boot sequence. How do I add boot options to my Asus? To do this go to the Boot tab and then click on Add New Boot Option. Under Add Boot Option you can specify the name of the UEFI boot.

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How to enter UEFI BIOS using a shortcut or command. You can get to UEFI BIOS in Windows 10 using various methods. However, one of the fastest ways might be by running a fairly simple command: open CMD as administrator, type shutdown /r /fw /f /t 0, and press Enter on your keyboard. This will immediately restart your Windows 10 PC and then. Go to the Boot tab (may differ based on your BIOS layout). Look for an option called Secure Boot. Select it, and tap Enter. Change its value to Disabled. Tap the F10 key to save the changes and Exit BIOS. Turn your system off, and then On. Tap the F2 key to boot to BIOS. You will boot to Legacy BIOS If you have been searching for a way to convert UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) to Legacy BIOS (Basic Input / Output System) on an installed Windows system, you've come to the right place.. Converting UEFI to Legacy on Installed Windows (7, 8.1 & 10) The good news is, there is a way to change or covert a computer that has the UEFI bios mode by default to Legacy without losing. Implementations can vary from one BIOS to another. Typically, when you go into the BIOS and activate RST, you must save the BIOS Configuration, exit from BIOS Setup and, during the subsequent POST, use the key necessary to enter BIOS Setup again. Only then will the drives be shown. Note, however, that if RST is active and RAID array (s) have. Asus Bios Update And Bios Logo Change. In this post we will try to update modern Asus motherboard bios that support Ez Flash Utility and will try to change Asus loading screen logo, but just before doing that we really need some files and software to download such as the last version bios file version compatible with the motherboard to update, and Asus AI Suite that can update and change bios.

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For more UEFI firmware knowledge you can learn from Microsoft UEFI introduction. Besides, if you are not familiar with this Asus UEFI BIOS, and accidently get your computer into a bad condition or during the process forget the password of your Asus Windows 8/8.1/10 computer You can also boot directly into UEFI shell using bios - find an UDK II UEFI Shell and place the .efi file in the root of your EFI partition, rename the file as shellx64.efi and after that you can boot directly into it using the bios option to load EFI Shell (if there is a such thing in your bios) Stuck in UEFI BIOS Utility EZ Mode, When I start my pc, it will automatically enter the UEFI BIOS Utility EZ Mode. In such a case, your ASUS Vivobook can refuse to boot up but don't get panic you'll get a fix to this problem. Stuck in UEFI BIOS Utility EZ Mode When I start my pc, it will automatically enter the UEFI BIOS Utility EZ Mode Hi, you can enter BIOS via Windows, click start>power>hold shift and click restart. Then click on advanced options>Restart to change UEFI firmware settings. Strange that you can't enter BIOS again, maybe you're tapping the wrong key or tapping it wrong. First turn off your laptop, plug in charger, turn laptop on and straight away keep tapping.

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As for the TPM 2.0 chip, you can check whether this is enabled by pressing the Windows key + R to open Run, and typing tpm.msc. Press enter, and a window should pop up saying if the TPM chip is enabled or not. If it's not, then this might also be turned off on your motherboard as well. To turn it back on, head back to your motherboard's UEFI. That did work. Awesome. But now the tablet won't boot from the USB Stick. But that's another problem, I have several sticks and hubs I can test with. Thanks for the help. Hmmm. It seems we have the same concern. I made a bootable Live USB Ubuntu Linux 14 LTS USB drive and I also cannot boot from it using this method or the BIOS UEFI method Does ASUS not allow loading a back-level BIOS? I can't believe that every BIOS except the newest was actually corrupt. The sketchy doc implied that there was some way to get the current BIOS to automatically load a specially named BIOS - with a name that is MB-dependent - if that BIOS is found on a USB flash drive or CD

ASUS Z170 Signature series : ASUS debuts full line-up ofIntel Visual BIOS Features Explained: Search and[ubuntu] Installed Ubuntu on Asus laptop but GRUB won&#39;t